Théâtre flottant

PROGRAMME : Floating Theatre
LIEU : Berlin, Allemagne
MO : OISTAT Competition
DATE : 2015

On the river Spree somewhere in Berlin, a wave emerges at the
docks of Holzmarkt.
On its surface, there is a lot going on: Shows are performed and
enjoyed, while actors and spectators indulge in “surfing” – they
stroll around, mingle and interact.
As the spectacle fades, the wave becomes a promenade, with breathtaking views of the river. The wave’s ripples create two open stages on the upper level:
– a performance stage and a rehearsal room.
– The staff-only facilities are located below.
– an office and a storage space for stage equipment.
The wave is constructed from a floating metal frame made of
aluminum trusses covered with wood panels. This stage setup
ensures optimal protection against rain, wind, noise and fading. At
the same time it offers versatile mounting options for sound and
lighting equipment.
As the structure is floating, it can easily be moved by boat.
The theater’s minimalist design is perfectly prepared for the
challenges of the water.